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Ceramic Pro featured at the Top Gear Festival Sydney


NEW three video-test that tell about the amazing properties of Ceramic PRO 9H made by our partner from Moscow MOSMOYKA

Nano-Shine Ltd would like to provide partners a special demo kit to
demonstrate Ceramic Pro 9H in their shops
Nano-textile is cooming soon
For glass and metal surface

Ceramic PRO TAG

Ceramic Pro TAG 
         • Air purification application optimization
         • Anti-virus application optimization
         • 24 hrs protection by double solution of nano
            TiO2 + nano Ag    
         • Organic Decomposition Feature
         • Anti-bacterial and Anti-mold
         • Excellent weatherability
         • High efficiency
         • Improved binding strength
         • Ambient temperature curing
         • Easy application methods

   Photocatalytic self-cleaning means the property of surfaces coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2) in anatase form. When exposed to an ultraviolet light source, such as the sun, the coating's oxidative property decomposes organic substances such as microbes or bacteria on its surface. To combine with nano-Ag particles, the protection can be extended to the area without ultraviolet light to offer the best and 24 hours protection.

Appearance Clear and colorless
Average primary particle size NanoTi 5~10nm
  NanoAg 10~20nm
Flash point water based solution
Adhesion good
Density 1.01 g/ml
Drying times
30~60 minutes dry to touch