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Ceramic Pro featured at the Top Gear Festival Sydney


NEW three video-test that tell about the amazing properties of Ceramic PRO 9H made by our partner from Moscow MOSMOYKA

Nano-Shine Ltd would like to provide partners a special demo kit to
demonstrate Ceramic Pro 9H in their shops
Nano-textile is cooming soon
For glass and metal surface


Ceramic Pro Sport


The ''SPORT'' is extremely important after the all the paint protection application in the world. The major issues that you have are always the annoyed water spots and the reduction of water beading effect.

''SPORT'' -  Maintenance Coating was designed for Ceramic PRO 9H maintenance which is an easy to install solution. You can use ''SPORT'' to maintain Ceramic PRO 9H to keep the super hydrophobic effect and also avoid the water spots. What you need to do is to preload ''SPORT'' into the microfiber cloth and then wipe on the surface at the same time when you dry the surface after washing.

Don't apply ''SPORT'' too much. The consumption is normally 1 cc per panel.


Below is a simply test to show how we avoid the annoyed water spots by ''SPORT''.


sport 1


1. Apply SPORT on the right side of a bared paint panel. The left side is the bare paint for reference.



sport 2

2. Spray the rainwater on the whole panel evenly.

sport 3

3. Put the panel under sunlight for 1 week. The result is obviously clear to see the water spots in right side is smaller with uniform pale color. (Average temperature is 34 degree C and average humidity is 70%.)

sport 4

4. Clean the surface by water. The water spots in left side is very difficult to remove and the water spots in right side can be removed easily. Although there are still light water spots in right side, but this symptom can be avoid when apply Ceramic PRO 9H as the base coat.